Beginner’s Guide to Tumblr for Business

There are a lot of platforms out there, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But one that you may not be familiar with is Tumblr. Founded in 2007, it’s used for posting and sharing images, videos, audio and short writing content and other multimedia.

Tumblr is both a blogging and social media platform. You could say Tumblr is a little on the strange side, it’s very different from traditional blogging sites like WordPress in style, layout and design.

Tumblr boast 738 million unique visitors worldwide, meaning it’s one of the best places for creators of content to market to their audience.

Should My Business Be Using Tumblr?Tumblr for Business

It depends on your target audience:

So obviously for Tumblr to be effective for your business you need to have a young-ish target audience.

How to Use Tumblr for Business

First you need to know why you want to use Tumblr for business, whether it be to raise brand visibility, educate consumers of your products or services or better customer relations.

Creative Content

It goes without saying your content needs to be interesting, regardless of what your goal may be. Your content needs to centre around your goal, for example:

  • – If you want to raise brand awareness, talk about your brand and what you do
  • – If you want to educate about your products and services, provide information and why it would benefit them
  • – If you want to better customer relations, discuss industry news and topics that will genuinely interest your target audience

Check out our previous blog post, “Content Writing: Top 7 Writing Tips“ for great tips when writing your own Tumblr content.

Make it Sharable

Sharable content goes hand-in-hand with creative content. Much like other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can dramatically raise your brand awareness if readers share it for others to see.

Funny posts, inspirational quotes and eye-catching images are most likely to make your audience want to spread the word.

Consider Writing Long Posts

Contrary to where we encouraged short pieces of content like quotes, you might also want to consider posting longer posts. Lengthy posts tend to be information rich and your audience may find it quite refreshing to see a long thoughtful post when they’re typically short and snappy.

Think of your audience scrolling down their feed, quickly glancing posts when they come across a noticeably longer post than usual.

But this comes back to shareability, for creating long posts to be worth your time they have to be interesting and engaging.

Be Present

Like on any social media platform you need to be active and apart of the community. You could technically call it a blogging platform, but it has a great social element. Share other Tumblr’s content and make your own content shareable and you will soon see a rise in your presence.

Tumblr Tags

With every piece of content that you post, you can add tags to organise your content and so other tumblrs can find posts about specific keywords that they follow or search for. You post will be easier to find with tags than it would without.

Tumblr itself is a unique marketing method to engage a target audience, the blogging platform also offers sponsored advertising to expand the reach of your content.

Sponsored Posts

You don’t need to rely on organic reach to raise your brand awareness. Target posts by gender, location and interest to get a head start on your engagement.

Sponsored Video Posts

Target videos just like regular posts, with the additional analytics on views, looping and engagement. Videos play automatically and continuously on a loop.

Sponsored Day

Pin your logo and tagline to the top of the dashboard for a whole 24 hours, which will link to an exclusive tab in the Explorer page. It’s one of the most trafficked and engaging pages on Tumblr that’s packed with content, feature your own posts or re-blog other’s posts.

With a Sponsored Day you can tell the story your brand wants to tell, and you’ll be included on the dashboard all day long.

Tumblr for Business: Coming to an End

Tumblr isn’t for every business. Unless you’re targeting consumers under 25 chances you won’t find much success.

Social media and blogging is all about building a loyal following and using them to benefit your business. Build your audience, find what style of content generates the most engagement, raise your awareness, direct your audience to converting or making a sale and watch your business grow.

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