What Will Your Brand Gain by Advertising on YouTube?

Advertising on YouTube is still unfamiliar territory for many brands. Even more so for small businesses who have a limited budget for their digital marketing campaigns. It’s understandable why so many businesses are cautious of trying a new marketing campaign since if it’s unsuccessful, they may have blown their whole budget.

But let me assure you advertising on YouTube is completely worth it.

As a business, you’re constantly looking for new and exciting ways to get your products known, without it costing an arm and a leg.

Advertising on YouTube is a gift that keeps on giving, there’s endless benefits. I’ve chosen my ‘top 5 benefits to advertising on YouTube’ to convince you!

1. You’ve got a huge audience

– There are around 1,000,000,000 mobile video views everyday

– There’s one billion active users

As the above statistics clearly highlight, advertising on YouTube is a fantastic opportunity for your brand to reach A LOT of people who could be converted to customers.

It’s a no brainer, the more customers you have, the more profitable you could become!

Of course, not all one billion users will be interested in what your business offers. But you can reach your market by using YouTube’s targeting options, like demographic, interests and keywords.

2. You can connect with customers

This benefit isn’t specific to advertising on YouTube, but video advertisements as a whole. A video ad gives you an almost endless list of options. The sky’s the limit, you can be as creative and innovative as you’d like.

Advertising on YouTube - John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017

Videos are such a powerful tool because you can still get your message across whilst being emotionally engaging.

Viewers can relate to the characters in your video. Providing your content is relevant to the viewer, they’ll be able to see how their lives could benefit from your product or service.

John Lewis are a fantastic example of how to create emotional connections between buyer and provider. They create characters who consumers can engage with. Everybody looks forward to their annual Christmas advertisements. Even if you’re a bit of a hum-bug, I bet you at least recognise their ads when you see them.

3. You’ve got a worldwide audience

Advertising on YouTube - World Audience YouTube is internationally well known. It’s available in 61 languages across the world and is currently being used in 75 different countries.

YouTube is very accessible, the potential exposure your business will have by advertising on YouTube makes it one of the most effective marketing campaigns out there!

4. Opportunity for feedback

Consumers can share their opinions amongst one another, and you, by YouTube’s comment section. You can gain an honest insight into what your market really thinks. Then, you can act accordingly on their reactions.Advertising on YouTube - Comment Section

As you can see, John Lewis let their viewers express their opinions in the comment section!

5. It works!

I saved the best statistics for last.

71% of video marketing respondents agreed that video converts better than any other content – Demand Metric

The most important thing to take-away is advertising on YouTube is proven to be effective. Since it’s working for other businesses, there’s no reason why YouTube won’t benefit your brand too. The least you can do is give it a go.

My Final Words of Persuasion …

YouTube is a great addition to your existing marketing campaigns. YouTube is current, popular and growing. If it’s used correctly, advertising on YouTube will be a worthwhile addition to expand your businesses horizons.

About the author:  

Marie Harwood is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Different Gravy Digital, Hale, Cheshire.

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