Answering the Top Social Media Advertising FAQs

Take a look as Different Gravy Digital answer social media advertising FA Qs.

As social media marketing continues to grow and evolve, businesses often find themselves debating if advertising on social platforms is the route they should be going down.

From understanding the different audiences on each platform to knowing which style of content performs the best, implementing an effective social media strategy can be a challenge. But don’t worry! We’re experts in social media. Continue reading to discover the answers to some of the most comment social media advertising FAQs.

1. What is Social Media Advertising?

Whether you have a vague understanding, or you have no idea, everyone has to start somewhere.

Social media advertising is a bit of an umbrella term – it’s any form of advertising in which the business pays the social media company to display their content. It could be a display ad, a promoted tweet or a sponsored post sharing your latest services.

You can advertise on social media as a one off, as part of a campaign or as a part of a full-scale strategy.

2. What Social Platforms Should I Use?

Short answer: it varies business to business.

While Facebook is typically an effective platform to reach your target audience and to generate conversions, every brand is different. Deciding which platform (s) to advertise on relies on several factors:

  • – Where your audience is
  • – The purpose of your campaign
  • – Your overall business goals
  • – The products / services you want to offer
  • – The style of ads you want to launch

3. What Social Media Platforms Can I Advertise On?

Social Media Advertising FAQs
  1. 1. Facebook
  2. 2. Instagram
  3. 3. LinkedIn
  4. 4. Twitter
  5. 5. Snapchat
  6. 6. Pinterest

Your audience may be more receptive on certain platforms. It’s in your benefit to study each platform closely to make an informed choice on where to spend your ad budget.

If your brand is very visual, for example, then display ads on Instagram and Facebook might help you meet your objectives and generate the best return on investment.

4. Where Can I Advertise on Social Media?

Pretty much anywhere. Most social media platforms incorporate several difference ad styles.

There are a range of advertising options available – from video ads, display ads to promoted content.

You can learn about the styles of advertising available on Facebook here: Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad Manager

5. What Platform Is Best for Your Business?

Every business is unique with different objectives and goals. To discover which platform (s) will grow your business, get in touch with Different Gravy:

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6. What’s the Difference Between Paid and Organic Social Media Posts?

Organic posts are ones that are published on social media without paid promotion. When you post as your page, but you don’t put any money behind the post to further its reach and boost conversions, you are creating an organic social media post. Basically, organic posts are non-ads.

Paid social media posts range from boosted posts, ads optimised for clicks, lead generating forms and video ads. The best paid posts target a refined audience that are most likely to complete a conversion.

Social Media Advertising FAQs

How Do I know My Target Audience?

Knowing who you should be targeting is crucial to the success of your social media advertising campaign. If you fail to understand your target audience, you risk wasting your money on ads that aren’t reaching the right people with no opportunity to convert them into paying customers.

Understanding your core demographics is a good place to start. Do you target a specific age range, gender, location or income bracket?

What are your audience interested in? Social media offers the chance for business to target specific behaviours and interests – understanding your audiences habits refines your targeting and helps you achieve the greatest ad engagement and conversions.

Once you know who you should be targeting, you can tailor your campaigns to advertise to the right people.

8. How Much Should I Spend on Social Media Advertising?

It’s impossible to give an exact number.

It depends on what your marketing budget is – but some platforms do have limitations to how much you can spend a day. For example, Facebook require advertisers to meet a minimum budget to help them deliver your ad effectively. Minimum budgets are calculated as a daily amount but apply whether your business is using a daily or lifetime budget.

A bigger ad spend usually translates to more results, but a little can go a long way too. It’s usually advisable to begin with a small-ish budget and test the ads to see what ad styles perform best.

9. How Can I Get Started?

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Have we missed any key questions from our social media advertising FAQ? If you have any questions you want answering, let us know in the comment section below.