Why Your Hosting Provider Has to be SEO-FriendlyHosting Provider

Using a reliable, SEO-friendly hosting service is one of the first things businesses have to worry about when launching their website. A hosting service can impact a website’s development, page ranking on search results and the overall performance of a website.

What’s a Hosting Provider?

It’s the company that provides the services required for your website or web page to be accessible on the internet.

Websites are hosted and stored on servers – a user’s device is connected to your server and web pages once they have entered or clicked on your domain or a link to your website.

What to Look for in a Hosting Provider

You need SEO friendly hosting from a provider that will support your organic efforts to rank on search results rather than acting as a barrier.

How a Hosting Provider Can Affect SEO

SEO, search engine optimisation, is the strategy a business implements to give their website targeted traffic and greater visibility. But your efforts can be wasted if the hosting provider isn’t SEO-friendly.

Hosting providers can impact …

  • – Website speed: how fast web pages take to load
  • – Site availability: refers to the “uptime” of a website
  • – Security: measures to protect the website

What to Look for in a Hosting Provider

Hosting Provider1. Reputation and Reviews

  • – Is the company well known for being a reliable provider?
  • – Are they known to offer a trusty service?
  • – What do past customers say?
  • – Do they have an active online presence?

Don’t fall victim to an unsatisfactory service – reviews tell us a lot about any kind of business. It’s just knowing where to find them – take a look at forums, social media and Google reviews to get started.

2. Server Location

The location of their service might impact how quickly your web pages are accessible to users.

Your provider might use cloud hosting or a physical server in a data center. Consider how far away their data center is from the majority of your site visitors – the further way (like in a different country) the longer your site could take to load.

3. Provider Support

Does the provider have a reputation of providing little support to users?

If your site goes down, for example, how quickly will they act and work towards getting it up and running again?

Ideally, you should be offered 24/7 support.

4. Your RequirementsHosting Provider

Always take a look and see whether the provider can fulfil your needs. Maybe you’re expecting a larger amount of traffic to your website and therefore require a virtual private server (VPS) can they offer this?


What should you look for in a provider?

That they offer SEO-friendly hosting. They need to be efficient and reliable with no negative impact on your SERP ranking.

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