What You Need to Know About Polls in Instagram Stories

Are you struggling to get your target market to engage with you on Instagram? Are you looking for ways to get feedback without hassling your audience? Using Polls in Instagram Stories could be your golden ticket to engaging your audience.

The feature is only available in Instagram Stories, so to use it you will need to create a story post.

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You’ll see many businesses using polls, not necessarily strategically. Instead of being just another business randomly using polls in Instagram Stories, be clever and creative with your polling. Use them because they’ll benefit your business, not simply because you can.

4 Innovate Ways to Use Polls in Instagram Stories

Ask for Feedback: can you think of a better way to ask your audience what they think than doing it directly? Sharing a poll is an effective way to quickly get your customer’s opinions, whether it’s about a new product, a question about your use of Instagram or their preferred topic for your next blog post.

To Keep with the Times: Is there a relevant event or trending topic that your audience could find interesting? Boost your engagement by sharing polls that your audience can relate to, even if it’s something simple like, “Do you prefer Facebook or Instagram?”.

To Conduct Valuable Research: If you’re looking for some blog inspiration or a genuine source of data, who better to turn to than your Instagram audience? Simply insert a poll into your story to add contributions to your market study.

To Plan Your Next Event: If you host events or run a podcast, invite your audience to attend or tune in. Ask your followers to come along and use the poll to find out if they’re interested and get a general idea on numbers.


Polls in Instagram Stories are an efficient way to encourage audience participation. But to overuse them can do the opposite. If you misuse the function, then your views, responses and engagement will decrease. Don’t be ‘that’ brand that finds a new feature and takes all the fun out of it.

Are you already a user on Instagram polls? Got any tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below.