Why Using an PPC Agency for Your PPC Campaign is a Smart Idea

PPC Agency

One of the most common questions businesses ask regarding Paid Advertising is whether to outsource PPC management to a PPC agency or attempt to run the campaign in-house.

Often businesses think they can handle the campaigns themselves, but when you really explore the pros of using an agency, it becomes apparent that hiring a PPC company is the best route to go down.

Anyone can set up a standard paid advertising campaign. But working with an established agency saves wasting time and money, allowing you to focus on different aspects of marketing. To plan, manage and review a paid advertising campaign, it takes technical know-how to do it effectively. It takes a professional to manage every piece of your account and continuously look for ways to optimise it and maximise return on investment.

Would You Service Your Own Car?

Most people wouldn’t. They would hire a professional to correctly get the job done.

Yes, paid advertising is something that anyone can learn – but it’s much more time and money efficient to get a professional and qualified expert to do it for you.

And the same goes for your PPC campaign – you should trust the professionals to deliver the best results.

5 Reasons to Hire a PPC Agency

A good agency will be keeping up to date with the changes on Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and other PPC platforms as they happen, and they will be well placed to ensure clients are able to utilise the new advancements.

Agencies Know the Best Practises

An in-house manager will typically have lots of responsibilities, while a PPC agency are 100% devoted to staying up to speed. With the help of an agency, your campaigns will be ahead of the curve.

Keyword Research is Hard

Keyword research is one the first crucial steps businesses must take to run an effective paid advertising campaign. It’s something PPC agencies spend a lot of time on initially and regularly revise and improve throughout the campaign.

Without conducting thorough keyword research and optimisation, you can quickly exhaust your budget and your campaign will deliver a poor return on investment.

Access to Necessary Tools

PPC campaign can only reach its full potential with the use of tools for competitor analysis, keyword research, domain overview and bid management. When you outsource your PPC campaign to a dedicated agency, you get the advantage of having an expert team that have access to the necessary tools required to achieve the best results.

Precise, Trustworthy & Fast Results

Even what might seem like a tiny mistake in PPC marketing can cost a business a lot of money. You must be extremely cautious – one wrong move could cause the whole campaign to collapse.

PPC Agency

A PPC agency is much less likely to make PPC errors because they’re experts in the field – the business revolves around delivering successful campaigns.  Whereas, a new in-house team might need some time to get up to speed and to understand the campaign of your business.

In addition, the team of professionals will be working together and checking over each other’s work to ensure no errors arise.

Do You Know What an Optimised Landing Page is? CRO?

Relevancy is crucial in PPC marketing. The less optimised your landing page is, the less likely you are to achieve conversions and you will spend more money on achieving the conversions. Agencies understand not only the principles of building, managing and analysing a PPC campaign, but also how to optimise a landing page and to test the principles.

For example, A/B testing is a common tactic used by businesses to compare landing pages and to generate more conversions.

Looking for a Professional PPC Agency?

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