Beginner’s Guide to Meta Descriptions

Optimised meta descriptions have a crucial role in getting search engine visitors to click on your links. Think of them as mini-ads, the better optimised they are the more you can influence consumer behaviour and raise your CTR.

In this article, we’ll be covering:

  1. 1. What is a meta description?
  2. 2. Do meta descriptions impact SEO?
  3. 3. Our top tips for creating meta descriptions

1. What is a Meta Description?

Also know as a meta description attribute or tag, is an HTML element that gives a brief over look of the content within your page. They benefit both the user and search engines, since they help to describe what your page is all about.

In search engines, the meta description usually appears under the headline and is typically only a sentence or two.

Meta Descriptions

2. Do Meta Descriptions Affect SEO?

While meta descriptions may not be a direct ranking factor, they can have a positive impact on your CRT from SERPs which is a ranking factor.

An engaging meta description can influence consumers to click on your link, which raises the CTR of your organic search results. As a result, your ranking on SERPs will likely increase as more people see your page and click through to your web page.

As search engines determine the ranking of web pages on SERPS, they gather more and more data about the pages that their users are clicking through to. The more people who click through to your web page, the more search engines identify your page as a useful source for certain search queries.

Even if your ranking doesn’t change much, compelling meta descriptions can bring in traffic!

3. Top Tips for Meta DescriptionsMeta Descriptions

Don’t duplicate them – they should be short snippets that are accurate to the individual page.

Don’t worry too much about character count – search engines are always changing how many characters they recommend being included in a meta description – try and stick to around 100 – 300 characters.

Use keywords – keep them relevant to the page’s content and useful for consumers

Encourage consumers to click – it’s an insight to your page’s content

Resist keyword stuffing – keep them natural and not spammy

Use CTAs – when appropriate, but avoid sounding aggressive

The Bottom Line

Optimised meta descriptions can really make a difference with the success of your website. Remember they’re like mini-ads that drive targeted traffic to your website and help you keep ahead of competitors.

Use our top tips to create your own high-quality meta descriptions that help you achieve better CTRs, targeted traffic, more conversions and promising leads.

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