Getting Started with LinkedIn’s Lookalike Audience

Are you looking for a way to reach brand new people on LinkedIn? Enter LinkedIn’s Lookalike Audience – a brilliant way to supercharge your ad campaigns.

LinkedIn's Lookalike Audience

In this guide we will be detailing everything you need to know about LinkedIn’s Lookalike Audience feature, including what it is, how it can be used and how your business can benefit.

One of the biggest challenge’s businesses face is getting their ads to reach the right people. With so many ways to define your ideal customer – like location, demographic and interest targeting – it can be hard deciding how to reach people online that meet your Business Avatar or consumers who are most likely to convert.

If you’re a B2B company, it’s vital you’re using the right online platforms to reach professionals. What really sets LinkedIn ad campaigns apart from other social media advertising platforms (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) is their B2B targeting options. 

Ensuring your ads reach the right audience is one of the hardest parts of marketing. Whether your objective is to generate leads, build brand awareness or attract new clients, LinkedIn offers excellent B2B marketing solutions that suit all businesses.

With the ultimate goal of targeting the right audience who are genuinely interested in what your business delivers, LinkedIn offers businesses the opportunity to target Lookalike Audiences.

LinkedIn’s Lookalike Audience integrates the features of your ideal client with their member and company data to deliver your ads to similar customers, website visitors and target accounts.

How Do Lookalike Audiences Work?

Lookalike Audiences begin with a matched audience, like a list of accounts, contacts from a CRM or past website visitors. With this data, LinkedIn’s targeting algorithms have the capability to find more members who share similar qualities to the original matched audience.

Members within your Lookalike Audience are similar to your existing customer base, whether it be by their job description, education or industry.

Sound Familiar? Facebook also offers advertisers the chance to further the reach of their campaigns with the lookalike audience feature. You can learn more in our previous blog post: How to Make Your Ads More Successful with Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

4 Key Points About LinkedIn Lookalike Audiences

  1. 1. Each Lookalike Audience online includes active members: only people who use the LinkedIn platform actively will be included in your audience – so your ad spends won’t be wasted reaching unengaged users
  2. 2. LinkedIn use the member information provided to ensure the ads are tailored to your business
  3. 3. The Lookalike Audience can be refined to include job titles, industries and function to ensure the ads reach the right people
  4. 4. The feature enables businesses to discover similar businesses in terms of industry, size and employees

Should You Invest in LinkedIn Lookalike Audiences?

Lookalike audiences give advertisers the opportunity to reach a cold audience beyond behaviour, habit or interest targeting. For instance, if your business is displaying ads to a warm traffic (like people who have subscribed to your mailing list), lookalike audiences enables you to reach cold audiences that are very similar to your warm audiences but on a much bigger in scale.

Although your lookalike audience is a cold audience, it’s not ice-cold. LinkedIn combines the attributes from your warm audience (your source) to create the new lookalike audience. Reaching new people who aren’t yet a part of your audience is a powerful way to find people who are likely to convert just like your existing buyers.

As a business, you’re always on the look out to reach new people who are similar to your ideal customer. If the lookalike audience is like those who have already engaged with your business, chances are they will be more likely to convert and become a customer.

Not only will a LinkedIn Lookalike Audience increase the scale and reach of your LinkedIn campaign, it will also help you engage customers that matter the most to your business.

Curious to Learn More About LinkedIn Ads and Lookalike Audiences?

If you’re already investing in LinkedIn advertising or you’re thinking about taking the plunge, consider using lookalike audiences. Not only will you further optimise your campaigns, but you are more likely to see better conversion rates, results and a greater return on investment.

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