All You Need to Know about LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Have you ever thought about taking a different approach to engaging your audience? LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail allows businesses to drive more leads and engage their audience by delivering personalised, private messages right into their LinkedIn inboxes.

On LinkedIn, businesses can advertise their brand, product and services to over 575 million users. The social network is different to more casual social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Users on LinkedIn are all professionals who browse their feed for content related to their careers, to look for business events or opportunities and to interact with other users in a professional manner.

Since LinkedIn is unique and of a professional nature, users are engaged through different advertising language and format than they are compared to other social platforms. To engage audiences in a professional setting, LinkedIn offers the chance for businesses to run Sponsored InMail campaigns.

What is Sponsored InMail?

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Your target audience will see your Sponsored InMail as part of their LinkedIn messenger experience when they are active on the platform on desktop or mobile. Using LinkedIn’s insightful demographic data and detailed targeting capabilities, you can deliver messages to your professional audience at exactly the right time.

Sponsored InMail is an efficient strategy for businesses to increase their market reach on LinkedIn. Businesses can send timely and private messages to people that matter most to their business.

Sponsored InMail message feature …

  • – Custom greeting
  • – Call-to-action button
  • – Main body text
  • – Personalised banner image

There is also an option to add a link to the message body and a custom footer to highlight legal terms, promotion guidelines, contact details and much more.

What About Sponsored InMail Pricing?

Messages are purchased on a cost-per-send (CPS) basis, which means advertisers only pay per unit for each sponsored message delivered.

For every Sponsored InMail campaign, advertisers must bid the maximum amount they are willing to pay per send (CPS).  When deciding on a bid, LinkedIn offers a suggested big range that is an informed estimate of the existing competing bids by other businesses targeting the same audience.

LinkedIn do recommend bidding at the higher end of the bid range, particularly at the start of your campaign, but the choice is ultimately up to the advertiser. Although, the higher the bid the more likely you will win more regularly in the auction and optimise budget delivery. 

Is Sponsored InMail Optimised for Mobile Use?

Email marketing is still a dominant channel for advertisers – but keeping on top of lists, content personalisation and optimising for mobile are ongoing challenges. With around 54% of emails being opened on a mobile device, it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure they are delivering messages that are suitable for viewing on all screen sizes.

Sponsored InMail is designed for both desktop and mobile users. Messages are optimised for clicks and the CTA button remains prominent at the top of content while the user scrolls for easy usage.

What Makes Sponsored InMail So Effective for Advertisers on LinkedIn?

1. Send a Message When it Matters Most

Businesses can reach members only when they are active on the LinkedIn platform. Advertisers can deliver real-time messages and drive valuable results using personalised content.

2. Encourage Conversions, Downloads and Participation

  • – Increase conversion rates with targeting product and service offers and promotions
  • – Deliver personalised invites to webinars or events to interested LinkedIn users
  • – Encourage content downloads of insightful infographics, eBooks and much more

3. Reach the Right Audience

Combine LinkedIn’s detailed demographic data and to create your own audience and maximise your targeting.

Identify your target audience by key demographics, like …

  • – Location
  • – Industry
  • – Business
  • – Job title
  • – Specific skills
  • – Education

Interested in LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail?

Are you ready to achieve your business objectives by targeting the right people and sharing encouraging content through tailored messages?

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