Instagram is Doubling Stories Ads

Instagram has confirmed it will be testing back-to-back story ads from various brands.

A spokesman from Facebook said, “We’re always testing new ad experiences on Instagram and want to learn how people and advertisers respond to this small test,”.

The testing will take place to see whether back-to-back Stories ads from different advertisers’ providers a more seamless user experience and to gather feedback. For now, the experiment is only involving a small group of Instagram users, and all advertisers are eligible to be part of the test.

What Are Instagram Stories?

Stories are Instagram’s extra feature that allows users and businesses to share content that will disappear after 24 hours. Users can post pictures or short videos on to their Instagram story with the option to add text overlays and drawing tools.

They feature at the very top of newsfeeds, with the newest stories at the front of the que, once a user has viewed a story it goes to the back of the que.

What Are Instagram Stories Ads?

Stories Ads are part of Facebook’s Ad system, but they don’t run the same as standard newsfeed ads.

Stories Ads can run for as long as you want and can be optimised to reach your individual goals and objectives.  The Instagram Stories placement can cater for all photo and video dimensions.

With over 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories, they’re an excellent ad style for your business meet goals like the following …

  • – Inspire action from your viewers
  • – Share full-screen, vertical photos and videos
  • – Remixing existing photos and videos
  • – Building brand awareness
  • – Driving purchases and app installs

Will Ads on Instagram Lose Impact?

The increase in ad inventory on Instagram could cause users to become frustrated with the volume, but a spokesperson has said “Ad load fluctuates based on how people use Instagram. We closely monitor people’s sentiment both for ads and overall commerciality.”

At the moment this is only a small test, if Instagram is making room for more ads in Stories, businesses looking to advertisers on Social Media are in prime position to reach their target audience.

With the potential for increased competition, it makes it more important for brands to be advertising with engaging, creative content that set themselves in front of their competitors.

Should You Run Your Own Instagram Ads?

Many businesses seek the help of an advertising agency for their knowledge and professionalism within the industry as opposed to running ads on Instagram themselves.

Advertising on Instagram can really make a big, positive impact to businesses who use it wisely. Particularly with the decline of organic reach on social media platforms, brands should be upping their game and investing in paid advertising to reach their target audience and achieve their objectives.

A professional marketing agency can help ensure your business achieves the best results on Instagram.  Agencies (like us) are familiar with competitive environments and placing clients ahead of competing brands.

Ready to Invest in Instagram Advertising?

The number of ad formats offer new opportunities for businesses like yours to deliver successful campaigns online. With more than one billion monthly users, Instagram offers an unmissable chance for you reach a high number of people by utilising one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

If you’re looking for a dedicated agency to outsource your Instagram Ads to, then we’re the businesses to talk to. We would love to discuss your requirements and explain why we’re the brand you should be working with.

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