Optimising Your PPC Landing Page

Businesses can create engaging and compelling ads that successfully get users to click, but the ad copy can only do so much. It’s down to the landing page to persuade users to stay, engage and convert.

PPC Landing Page

By the end of this guide, you will know …

  1. 1. What A Landing Page is
  2. 2. The Fundamentals of a Landing Page
  3. 3. The Do’s and Don’t of Your Landing Page
  4. 4. Why Your PPC Campaign and Landing Page Are Equally Important

The fundamentals and importance of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has been discussed by us at length. But there’s a vital element that is crucial for success – your landing page. It’s the landing page that persuades users to stay, interact and complete a conversion.

You arrive at the clothes shop and look at the shop window. It has the most amazing, vibrant window display, but when you enter the store the clothes are drab and are in stacks of untidy piles on tables. What would most people do? They turn around, go out the door and find another clothes store.

Your paid advertising campaign could be like that shop window – enticing, attractive and persuasive. And your landing page could be like the clothes store – drab, untidy and just generally unappealing.

If your landing page isn’t up to scratch like the rest of your paid advertising campaign, then all the time you spent optimising your campaign, selecting targeted keywords and creating strong calls-to-action is wasted.

Optimising your Pay Per Click campaign is only half of the job. The other half is designing your landing page. If your landing page doesn’t work well on mobile devices, is full of spelling mistakes and features no strong calls to action – then your wasting the value of the clicks your PPC campaign generated.

When users click on your ad, they aren’t automatically signed up to your mailing list, they haven’t made an enquiry or bought a product – they’ve simply expressed interested in your ad and clicked through to your landing page. There’s nothing stopping users pressing the back button and going back to their search results. And without a conversion, your click is completely invaluable.

What is a Landing Page?

PPC Landing Page

Before we go into detail about the importance of a good landing page for your PPC campaign, we ought to cover the basics.

Usually they are standalone pages – separate from your main website – that are designed specifically for the purpose of advertising and generating conversions and leads.

Because landing pages are distinct from your main website, there are typically no options to navigate which eliminates distractions and allows users to focus on completing a conversion. Branding, design and compelling calls-to-action are all key features that help to increase the likelihood of a user converting.

Ready to Stick the Landing Page?

To make your landing pages convert, you need to generate targeted traffic. Paid Advertising will successfully drive visitors to your landing page.

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First Impressions Matter

Landing pages are paramount to the success of your paid advertising strategy. They are your first proper chance to introduce your business and explain in more detail what it is you’re offering.

A negative impression can leave a long-lasting influence on users – and it’s unlikely they will return if your landing page delivered a poor user experience.

Overly pushy language, poor design and useless content can drive your targeted traffic away for good. Any clickable element that diverts your visitors from completing your desired goal should be avoided.

The Fundamentals to a PPC Landing Page

When you’re creating your PPC landing page, you should consider featuring:

  1. 1. A persuasive headline
  2. 2. A supportive tag line or slogan
  3. 3. Branding and smart design
  4. 4. Mobile responsiveness
  5. 5. Information about what you’re offering or selling
  6. 6. Unmissable, persuasive benefits
  7. 7. A clear, concise call-to-action
  8. 8. A lead capturing form
  9. 9. Imagery to make the page more inviting
  10. 10. Testimonials or reviews

Our recommended list of 10 fundamentals for a landing page might seem demanding, but it’s much simpler that you might think.

When a user arrives on your landing page after clicking on your link, it should be obvious that they have landed in the right place. All the content that they need to make an informed decision should be clearly displayed along with a compelling call-to-action.

In a digital world, people want information to be at their fingertips. If your landing page doesn’t feature the content that they’re looking for, then you’ll lose customers and your hard-earned clicks from your PPC campaign will be worthless.

The Dos and Don’ts of Your PPC Landing Page

1. Do Make Sure Your Landing Page Has One Job

PPC Landing Page

When a person arrives on your landing page – they have one goal you want them to complete, to convert!

Whether your goal is for them to sign up to a webinar, complete an enquiry form or buy a product, you shouldn’t be distracting them from converting.

2. Don’t Feature Unnecessary Distractions

You want to make sure the road to converting is a simple, straight forward one.

Avoid things like …

  • Footers which hold no relevant information
  • Links that lead to other web pages
  • Navigation bars
  • Search boxes

Distractions like the above could potentially pull your leads off the conversion path.

3. Do Include Your Key Information at The Top

Your primary selling point and call to action should be above the fold (positioned in the upper half of the web page so it is visible without the user having to scroll down). Then your call-to-action should be repeated regularly further down the page.

Repeating your call-to-action is particularly important if you have a long landing page, try to repeat your core message to reinforce your purpose.

Every user is different, some may react to your call-to-action immediately and some may want to know a bit more about you by scrolling down the page. If the button for them to convert is right there even when users are almost at the bottom of the page you will likely see more conversions.

4. Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Strengthen your relationship by creating a thank you pop up box or a separate page.

Just because you have gotten what you wanted (a conversion) doesn’t mean the conversation has to end there. Leverage your thank you pop up box / page. Offer more value to your visitors by providing them with some handy links and resources after they have completed a conversion.

5. Do be Trust Worthy

Not everyone who clicks on your ad and arrives on your landing page will be ready to convert. But trust signals can help undecided users.

Trust signals can be in the form of …

PPC Landing Page
  • – Written reviews
  • – Star ratings
  • – Video testimonials
  • – Trust seals
  • – Much more

There doesn’t have to be loads, just a couple will make a real difference. Especially if you’re a starting brand or you’re not well known yet.

6. Don’t Over Face with Information

If your key selling point is hidden in chunks of long paragraphs, then chances are it will be missed. The only exception to the rule would be a page that is purposed to feature high quality detail.

Remember your landing page should be designed to encourage users to convert – so any copy that doesn’t serve towards the goal of users completing conversions should be removed.

Building Your Landing Page

While creating a landing page seems basic in theory, they’re often more difficult to build in practise. Unfortunately, landing pages don’t build themselves.

But there’s good news – there are an array of landing page builders that make the process much easier for you.

Here are 3 landing page builders that we recommend, but it’s paramount that you use a tool that meets your business needs and goals.

1. Wishpond

Recommended for beginner marketers.

Wishpond makes it simple to get more leads and customers from your landing page. There are over 100 mobile-responsive landing page templates to choose from – so there’s bound to be a design and style that suits your brand.

It’s a seamless drag-and-drop editor, so there’s no need for design or programming knowledge. You can add popups, welcome mats, slide-in pop-ups and opt-in bars with ease so you can maximise your conversions.

Price: $49 – $199 a month

2. Unbounce

Recommended for intermediate marketers.

Arguably one of the best landing page builders in the game, Unbounce platform has been designed with one purpose alone: conversion.

It’s designed to enable marketers to launch customised and branded landing pages which maximise conversions. The tool features a highly responsive drag-and-drop editor, an array of stylish templates, valuable A/B testing and CRM integration.

It’s one of the best all-round builders, but it’s one of the most expensive ones.  You pay more to get more –the advanced customisation is great.

Price: $79 – $399+ a month

3. HubSpot

Recommended for advanced marketers.

PPC Landing Page

You’re probably not shocked to see HubSpot on the list. HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that supports businesses in attracting traffic, generating conversions and turning those conversions into customers.

You can choose from their built-in library of mobile responsive templates that are optimised to push conversions, or you can build your own page from scratch.  Add forms optimised for completion in just one click and automatically alter content based on the visitors who is viewing your page.

In terms of advanced features, HubSpot is certainly one of the very best landing page builders you can find. But the price does reflect the complex nature of the software.

Price: depends on what model you go for, expect to pay around $655 a month.

Struggling to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page?

A landing page is only valuable if it’s generating targeted traffic. Without this ability, your landing page is useless. To see results – you need to have a fully optimised PPC campaign.

And that’s where we come in.

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