Optimising Your Quality Score

The quickest way to drive traffic to your website from day one is through paid advertising. Businesses can launch campaigns and see traffic to the landing page from the moment the campaign goes live.

When it comes to paid advertising – there are loads of platforms you can choose from, from social networks to search engines.

But if you’re a beginner or you’ll looking to just test the waters – then Google Ads is a great place to start. In fact, Google owns around 75% of the search engine market share.

Quality Score

One of the major components to succeeding with Google Ads is to understand your quality score and to achieve the highest score possible.

What is a Quality Score?

Your Quality Score has a huge impact on the cost and effectiveness of your paid advertising campaigns. It impacts how your PPC ads perform and how you pay for each click to your landing page.

Your Quality Score considers your:

  1. 1. Landing Page
  2. 2. Keywords
  3. 3. Ads

Your Quality Score will be rated a number from 1 – 10 (10 being the best).

A low-quality score indicates that you need to rework some aspects or all of your paid advertising campaign. Whether its optimising your landing page, reviewing your ad copy or improving your keywords. If your quality score is high, then it’s a good indication that your PPC campaign will be successful.

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Does Your Quality Score Matter?

Quality Score


A higher Quality Score can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.

It’s easy to disregard, particularly if you think there’s nothing you can do to improve your Quality Score. But optimising your Quality Score will help you achieve a better return on investment (ROI).

But let us tell you – your 1 – 10 rating really makes all the difference to the success of your campaign. Your Quality Score has an enormous impact on pretty much every aspect of your PPC campaigns, it affects your:

1. Impressions

Every time a user makes a search query, Google Ads run an internal ad auction to decide which advertisers have ads it deems relevant to appear on the search results for the query.  

If your quality score is low and you don’t make an effort to improve it, then you are much less likely to appear on search results and the visibility of your ads will be minimal.

2. Your Positioning on Search Results

Your ad rank is a value that is determined by your ad position (where your ads are shown on a page in comparison to competing ads) and even decides whether your ad will appear at all.

Your quality score is factored into your ad position, so to achieve a higher ranking on search results you need to make amendments. For more information, Google Ads Help offers insightful information about your Ad Rank

3. Cost Per Click (CPC)

Your Quality Score plays a part in deciding how much you pay for each click your ad generates. Building an effective strategy will not only help you to pay less but will also enjoy the benefits of a higher ranking on search results!

What Can I Do?

The good thing about your quality score is that you can change it!

So, you know the ins and outs of your Quality Score, but how do you improve it?

Take a look as we explain how. Here are a few areas of your paid advertising campaign that you could work on to improve your Quality Score. Your historical performance (how your ads have performed previously) is also taken into consideration.

1. Improve the Relevancy of Your Landing Page

In short, your landing page needs to be optimised and you should be aware of what you link to in your ad copy.

If you have an ad that says “Download our free eBook now” then the users should be able to easily download the eBook from your landing page. The button to download should be clear. If your landing page has nothing to do with the eBook, then your score will be low.

Here’s a few of our top suggestions to achieve a good Quality Score:

  • – Don’t send your traffic to your standard home page
  • – Direct users to the right content or information you promised in the ad
  • – Ensure all the buttons work and their next steps are clear
  • – Make sure your page is responsive and mobile-friendly
  • – Monitor your page loading speed
  • – Easy navigation
  • – Direct traffic to landing pages that are related to their search query / keyword

Essentially, your landing page needs to be relevant and delivers a good user experience. If it does, then your Quality Score will reflect that.

2. Ensure Your Ad / Keywords Are Relevant

If your ad relevance score is below average, then there are a few practises you could do it better it:

Organise Your Keywords: consider transferring your keywords into smaller ad groups to keep them targeted and specific to the ad.

Add Negative Keywords: avoid your ads from showing up on irrelevant search results. We’ve discussed negative keywords at length before, you can get up to speed: How to Build a Negative Keyword List

Keep Thinking of Your Landing Page: As we’ve said, your landing page and ad need to be in sync.

3. Your Expected CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

Quality Score

Your expected CTR informs you of the rate you receive for your targeted keyword. If your CTR is below average, then you need to look at your ad text and optimise it.

Your expected CTR is based around your ad creativity that influencers action and results on your landing page.

To improve, consider …

  • – Being more specific in your ad text
  • – Ensure search queries are related to your keyword
  • – Ensure the keywords you bid on are relevant to your landing page
  • – Be careful bidding on branded terms other that your own, they can lower your expected CTR

The Bottom Line

Quality for Google is all about the user experience. The advertisers that achieve the highest Quality Score are delivering the best possible service to their users.

Your score from Google Ads is an important metric to monitor, because they not only suggest the general health of your campaign, but they directly impact your CPC and ranking on search results. Boosting your Quality Score isn’t some pointless task – it will raise your impressions, ranking and return on investment.

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