Beginner’s Guide to Google Data Studio

Have you heard of Google Data Studio?

What’s Google Data Studio?Google Data Studio

For those of you don’t already know, Google Data Studio is a dashboard and reporting tool, where users can easily use, customise and share their data. Users can turn their data into visually appealing, informative reports that can help to monitor KPIs and business objectives.

It helps businesses to identify and share insights from their data, to improve their business and reach their goals.

What You Can Do with Data Studio?

1. Connect Your Data

Does Google Studio sound familiar? It’s similar Google Analytics – but a lot better.

Reports in Data Studio collect their information from other data sources, such as …

  • – Google Marketing Platform Products – Google Ads, Analytics, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360
  • – Consumer products – Sheets, YouTube and Search Console
  • -Databases – Big Query, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • – Flat files via CSV file upload and Google Storage

2. Visualise Your Data

Data studio transforms your data into customisable, easy to read and shareable dashboards and reports. There’s a simple drag and drop report editor so users can:

  • – Tell a story with their data through a range of charts, geo maps, area and bubble graphs, tables and much more
  • – Feature view filters and data range controls to make reports interactive by using a flexible template
  • – Create product catalogues, video libraries and other hyperlinked content with the use of links and clickable images
  • – Brand reports to reflect your business
  • – A selection of styles and colour themes

3. Share and CollaborateGoogle Data Studio

You’ll find your reports and data stored as files on Google Drive – it’s simple to share your files with your colleagues, clients or anyone in the world. If you share a report or data source with a fellow editor, you can seamlessly collaborate in real time and work on the same files.

How to Access Google Data Studio

Currently the only way to get Google Data Studio access, is to physically request an account directly from Google. You can get started with your Google Data Studio account here and simply follow the instructions provided by Google.

Is it worth the hassle? absolutely. The best thing about Google Data Studio is that it’s succinct – you can seamlessly turn your data into meaningful