How to Optimise Google Ads for Mobile Users

A responsive Google Ads account means there is more opportunity for conversions, greater customer satisfaction and better return on investment. The number of Google searches made on mobile have hugely grown in recent years.  52% of the global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. To reach the growing number of people searching on their mobile devices, businesses should optimise their ads for mobile use.

1. Invest in Expanded Text Ads

Optimising Google Ads for Mobile Users

Expanded text ads give businesses more ad space for their content and are specifically designed for optimal performance on mobile devices. With the extra space, you can:

Add A Third Headline to Your Ad Copy: the extra headline allows you to have additional text in your ads, the headlines appear next to one another with a vertical pipe ( I ) separating them from one another. For example, Mobile Hairdressers I Services Straight to Your Door I Get a Free Cut Today

Add A Second Description: gives you more control and flexibility with your ad’s messaging. Take the opportunity to go into more detail, like details about shipping, extra info about special offers or an extra call to action to persuade viewers to click through to your ad.

2. Feature Ad Extensions to Encourage Conversions

Google Ads extensions are great way to expand your ads with additional information. They can add a competitive edge to your campaign, helping you to stay in front of your competitors.

Extensions allow you to display extra business information within your ad, helping you to make your ad more eye-catching and appealing to your mobile viewers. To encourage mobile consumers to convert, you might want to consider featuring the following ad extensions:

Call Extensions: add your business phone number or a call button to encourage users to contact you. Call Extensions make it much easier for consumers to convert, for example, it’s much simpler for a consumer to click the call button displayed on your ad than it is to click the link, wait for the page to load and then find the call button on your web page.

Sitelink Extensions: add additional links to specific pages of your website. This will allow your visitors to find the exact content they’re looking for seamlessly – like shop hours or a featured product.

Location Extensions: persuade people to visit your business by showing your location with a map, your address or the distance to your business from the searcher’s mobile destination. You can also add your business hours, eye-catching images and directions to reach you.

3. Create Effective Ad Copy for Mobile Ads

To drive conversions from mobile users, your ads must be eye-catching, relevant and informed. There are some basic writing principles that you can apply to your mobile ads to demand attention.

Command Attention with Compelling Headlines: your headline is what users first read. It’s clickable and the most noticeable part of your mobile ad.

Feature Strong Calls-to-Action: a clear CTA encourages mobile users to complete the action you want them to take.

Detailed Description Text: explain why your brand is the one to do business, feature your key selling points, exclusive discounts and promotions.

4. Ensure You’re Landing Page is Optimised for Mobile

Optimising Google Ads for Mobile Users

Your mobile landing page hugely impacts whether your clicks convert into customers. When a consumer clicks on your ad, they expect to land on a page that’s relevant to what they viewed on the ad. If the landing page wasn’t what they were expecting, then they’re likely to leave the page without converting.

Ensure your mobile landing page reflects the call-to-action in your text ad and clearly details what actions the consumer should be taking (to buy an item, subscribe to a mailing list etc …)

Any promotions, discounts or special offers advertised in your ad should be clearly fulfilled on your landing page.

Your mobile ad and your landing page work together to generate clicks and to turn the clicks into customers.

Are Your Google Ads Optimised for Mobile Users

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