Here’s How Your Facebook Campaign Budgets Will Be Changing

Starting from September 2019, advertisers on Facebook will no longer be able to turn off campaign budget optimisation for new and existing campaigns.

This means that you will need to set one central campaign budget across all your ad sets.Campaign Budget Optimisation

The new campaign budget optimisation will “generate more results and lower costs”.

At the moment, campaign budget optimisation is an optional setting, so advertisers have the freedom to set budgets for specific ad sets. But with the coming change, campaign budget optimisation will be a default setting that cannot be turned off, instead of an being an option.

In their recent blog post, Facebook told us what we can expect:

  • – Advertisers will have the ability to set central campaign budget to optimize across ad sets and Facebook will automatically distribute the budget in real-time to your top performing ad sets
  • – Facebook will capture the most results from your budget, which will also lower your total cost per result
  • – Advertisers can achieve the lowest cost per result for their overall campaign, not for any given set ad.

What Your Next Steps Are

September is still a while away, so we suggest experimenting with the campaign budget optimisation feature now to test your results and get familiar with it.

If it’s a success for your ads, campaign budget optimisation will simplify your campaign creation process – saving you time. Budget setting can be a struggle and sometimes it can become a guessing game to distribute your budget, so Facebook will be taking that stress away.

If your unfamiliar with setting budgets or you don’t have much experience with setting budgets on Facebook advertisements, this will be good to help you achieve results.

What do you think? Is Facebook’s campaign budget optimisation a good idea? Will it help or hinder you?

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