Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Video Ads

No matter your industry or the products / services you offer, Facebook video ads have presented opportunities for businesses to appeal to their audience in an original way.

Facebook Video Ads

The popularity of video marketing has exploded over recent years. People look at video 5 times longer than static content on Facebook, which gives businesses an excellent opportunity to feature their product / service in action and deliver a persuasive call-to-action.

Video brings life to marketing and while blogging and imagery are still key to engaging with your target audience online, video can do what any other medium cannot. In fact, videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Before you dive into Facebook video ads, there’s a few things you need to consider first. In this article we will be covering the below questions:

  1. 1. What Objectives Can Facebook Video Ads Meet?
  2. 2. What Video Styles Are Available?
  3. 3. What Can Businesses Use Video Ads For?
  4. 4. How Much Do Facebook Videos Ads Cost?
  5. 5. Top Tips for Your Facebook Videos Ads

What Objectives Can Facebook Video Ads Meet?

Before you begin to create your video ad, first consider what you want to achieve. Before choosing your objective, it’s important you know what your goals are.

First consider what you want people to do. For example, you may want to drive traffic to a booking page for an event you’re hosting.

  • 1. Brand awareness: raise recognition for your brand and service
  • Reach: share your ad to as many of your target audience as possible
  • 2. Traffic: drive traffic from your video to a landing page
  • 3. App installs: drive app downloads
  • Engagement: encourage likes, comments and shares
  • 4. Lead generation: collect valuable audience details
  • Messages: connect with people to encourage a relationship
  • Video views: reach members of your target audience who are most likely to watch
  • 5. Conversions: drive action like website visits or adding items to a cart
  • 6. Store traffic: promote your brick-and-mortar business to people nearby

What Video Styles Are Available?

Communicating through video has never been simpler – Facebook Ads have designed their video advertising to reflect the way that their users actually consume video.

One size doesn’t fit all. Facebook offers flexible video lengths.

While shorter videos have a higher completion rate, longer ones can help businesses deliver complex messages.

  • Short Videos and GIFs: capture attention with short videos that are only up to a few seconds long
  • Vertical videos: encourage scrollers to pause and pay attention with full-screen video ads
  • Carousel: offer people a new way to engage with an interactive format
  • Collection: combine videos with product images to bring your business to life
  • In-stream video: reach your audience with lengthy content

What Can Businesses Use Facebook Video Ads For?

Video ads bring businesses to life. Video ads can be used for:

  • – Boosting brand awareness
  • – Demonstrating a product
  • – Customer testimonials
  • – Tell a story
  • – Showing off a product

For instance, you could drive your audience to a landing page to learn more about your exclusive offer on a product. The video ad could feature a customer using the product with a clear call-to-action to ‘buy now’.

How Much Do Facebook Videos Ads Cost?

Facebook video ads can cater to all budgets. You control your campaign spending limit – and Facebook works out the best way to get you the greatest results for your budget.

The price of the video production is up to you too. A small business can achieve excellent results and meet their goal without needing expensive graphics, a big studio and actors.

Top Tips for Your Facebook Videos Ads

1. Grab Attention Early

Usually consumers have pretty short attention spans – consequently they don’t spend long interacting with mobile content. In fact, Facebook recommend that 47% of a video’s value should be delivered within the first 3 seconds.

When creating your videos, it’s vital you capture attention early to stop them drifting away!

2. Make Your Message Clear Immediately

As we said, you don’t have long to make an impression. People browse through content quickly, so ensure your message is delivered with impact.

3. Remember Your Video Title and Description

For your audience to watch your ad, you need an optimised video title and description. As well as keeping your copy relevant, it should generate curiosity, so people want to watch your video (hopefully all of it!)

4. Don’t Rely on Sound

Facebook ads are actually delivered with the sound off. With this in mind, your video should capture attention and meet its purpose without having to rely on sound.

Add captions if needed and display your message through visuals. But, if people choose to watch your video with sound, then the audio should complement the video!

5. Don’t Forget a CTA

Someone just watched your video. What now? Ensure your video ad features a compelling call-to-action that guides them towards a specific direction, like finding information about your product, following your business page of visiting your website.

Interested in Launching Your Own Facebook Video Ads?

With video ads on the rise, the mandate’s clear – brands should be incorporating Facebook videos into their marketing. Can your business benefit from Facebook Ads? Definitely!

Regular analysis, optimisation and attention are key to maximise return on investment. However, for many businesses, managing a Facebook ads campaigns can be a full-time job. And that’s where we come in.

Different Gravy Digital have the time and expertise to ensure your Facebook campaign delivers you the best results.

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