Getting Started with Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network

You’ve probably heard of Facebook Ads, where businesses can run advertisements on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. But what you might not know is that Facebook can further the reach of your ads through the Audience Network.

It might seem strange to waste your Facebook advertising budget on ads that aren’t even seen on Facebook, but it’s extremely savvy to show ads on the Audience Network. Stay tuned to learn what Audience Network is, the objectives it can help you achieve and how Different Gravy Digital can help.

What is Facebook Audience Network?

Audience Network enables advertisers to extend their Facebook and Instagram campaigns online – by enabling them to display their ads on thousands of high-quality websites and apps.

More than 1 billion people use Facebook or Instagram every month. But users are also spending their time on other apps and sites. That’s were Audience Network comes in – it helps advertisers reach more people in the other places they spend their time.

According to Facebook’s ad campaign study, conversion rates were 8X higher amongst people who were displayed ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network than people who only saw the ads on Facebook.

The simplest way to understand Facebook Audience Network is to think of it as Facebook’s version of Google Ads Display network, where Facebook displays your ads off Facebook and onto third-party apps and mobile sites – much like Google Ads.

Is the Audience Network Right for Your Business?

Audience Network supports both video and image ads.

Using the exact same auction, measurement, targeting and delivery systems as Facebook ads, Audience Network placement and creatives will vary depending on your objective.

At the moment, Audience Network currently supports the below objectives:

Facebook Audience Network
  • – Brand awareness (video only)
  • – Reach (video only)
  • – Engagement (video only)
  • – Video views
  • – Traffic
  • – App installs
  • – Conversions
  • – Product catalogue sales

The behaviour of an ad once it has been clicked on varies depending on the type of ad objective you have decided to go with. When a user clicks on an ad (depending on the objective), what will happen is:

  • – The ad will open a link in a new browser window
  • – The ad will encourage the user to install an app
  • – The ad will launch an existing app already installed on the mobile device

So, if your business goals align with any of the above objectives, then utilising Audience Network could really benefit your ad campaigns.

Advertising on Facebook Audience Network with Different Gravy Digital

If you’re new to paid campaigns, we strongly recommend using the help of a digital agency like Different Gravy Digital. Your campaign will be in good hands!

Get in touch today to find out how we can make the Audience Network (and other forms of paid advertising) work for your business.

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