Have You Heard About Emoji Domain Names?

Yes, you read right, some companies are starting to offer emoji domain names. Bizarre.

Emojis is one of the fastest growing languages. Whilst emojis may be replacing text, does that mean they should be included in domain names?

It sounds strange, but perhaps as we explore this new concept we’ll understand the logic behind the madness.

What do the Experts Say?

According to .WS, who are one of the first companies to offer such a unique service, this is what we can expect from emoji domain names;Emoji Domain Names - Styles

1. They work just the same as ‘normal’ domains. Apparently, there’s emoji keyboards for PC operating systems.

2. You can combine emoji and standard text.

3. .WS conform to Unicode Standard. So, you’re guaranteed computer systems and software will be able to exchange and make use of the information.

At first, I saw an immediate problem with emoji domain names. What about users who use their PC to type in a domain name? How are they supposed to get the emojis? However, it’s supposed to work across different PC platforms like Windows and macOS. Emoji domains will be compliant with systems like Android and iOS too.

Could Emoji Domain Names Benefit Businesses?

They’re certainly attention grabbing. For now, emoji domain names aren’t that popular, so your business domain name would certainly be completely different from the rest if you decided to go for it.

Emoji Domain Names - Coca ColaImages can mean 1,000 words. So, would an emoji help your consumers know more about your business before visiting your webpage? Would they help express your brand’s personality?

You’ve got buckets of room for creativity, featuring emojis expands the pool of available domain names. Particularly for marketing campaigns, an emoji would be attention grabbing.

Take a leaf out of Coca-Cola’s book. A smiley emoji featured in their February 2015 marketing campaign in Puerto Rico.

Are You Convinced?

The concept is original and intriguing, but I can’t see it becoming the next big marketing trend.

Some emojis look fairly similar. Unless you choose an emoji that is extremely easy to identify, like a blue heart or a sun; you run the risk of potential customers being unable to find your website.

I’m not entirely convinced on whole idea of emoji domain names; it seems rather unnecessary. It’d probably be more confusing and time consuming to enter a domain name.

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Will we be seeing smiley faces, different coloured hearts, winking eyes and tears of laughter in your domain names soon?

About the author: 

Marie Harwood is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Different Gravy Digital, Hale, Cheshire.

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