How Small Business Can Jump on the Black Friday Band WagonBlack Friday

Black Friday (23rd November), the day where we all buy stuff we don’t need because it’s discounted.

More and more businesses are taking advantage of the viral holiday, with brands like Amazon, Argos and Currys PC World leading the way with the biggest discounts.

But the shopping event isn’t exclusive to major businesses. In this article, we’ll be exploring ways small businesses can get involved with Black Friday.

This Friday is a great way to remind your target audience they can snap-up a bargain with you. The frenzy of consumerism during the Black Friday period is huge, so businesses of any size should be leveraging the trend to benefit themselves.

Remember that most business take part in Black Friday, you’ll be competing against global brands who will have a huge marketing budget to promote the event.

Can your website cope with a potential influx of visitors? If your website allows transactions, ensure that it can cope with the payments efficiently.

But with the potential issues put to one-side, it’s a brilliant way for small businesses to increase customer loyalty, encourage new customers and raise their ROI.

To help you have a successful Black Friday, we’ll put together our top tips, so you can get in on the action.

Black Friday Tips for Small Businesses

1. Promote Special Deals

Whether your sharing exclusive discounts to your mailing list, or your advertising offers for your entire target audience, ensure you get the word out that your business is participating in Black Friday.

2. Implement Social Media Marketing

Develop a marketing strategy specifically for promoting your involvement in Black Friday. Get your audience excited and seize the opportunity with both hands to capture their attention.

3. Implement Hashtag Marketing

Use popular hashtags like #BlackFriday and #BlackFridayDeals to further your online reach.

4. Be Savvy With Discounts

Don’t race right down to the bottom in terms of discounting your products. Don’t just give your stuff away – be smart about what you discount and use the discounts as an incentive for customers to keep coming back to your store.

5. Build-up ExcitementBlack Friday

You need to get the message out there and get people looking forward to your Black Friday deals.

Consider …

  • – Adding a countdown on your website
  • – Reminding recipients on your mailing list
  • -Adding signs on the windows of your brick-and-mortar business
  • – Implementing paid advertising on social media
  • – Partnering with publication sites to have an article featured about your deals

6. Remember to Make a Profit

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to offer incredible discounts like Amazon and other global businesses. If you’re not going to make a profit – don’t try and price-match the big fish and make the event unprofitable.

Are You Ready?

The main thing is to have a well thought out marketing strategy for Black Friday. Get the word out, promote the event and ensure your message is reaching the right audience.

Regardless of the scale of the campaign, businesses should be leveraging Black Friday to increase their profits, ROI and customer base.

Good luck!

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