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A big question when it comes to paid advertising is choosing where to spend your advertising budget. The usual answer is to spend all your money on Google Ads. But there is another valuable platform that businesses forget – Bing. So, the question we want to answer is, ‘Should businesses advertise on Bing?”.

Bing often doesn’t get much attention because it’s just seen as ‘that other search engine’. While Google is undoubtably the most popular search engine, Bing is a bit of a dark horse with 2.45 % of the search engine market share worldwide.

Of course, the benefits of paid advertising on Google are unmissable – but Bing can be an excellent addition to your paid advertising strategy. And the good news is that Bing’s PPC marketing service is much like Google Ads, so much of the keyword research and analysis can just be handed over.

What Are Bing Ads?

Below is an example of how ads appear on the Bing search engine:

Bing Ads

Green section: is an example of Bing Ads. Ads can appear on the top or bottom of the Bing search result pages next to or under an “Ads label”. The ranking of the ads is based mostly on how relevant they are to what the user has searched for, your bid and other minor factors.

Red section: shows an example of organic search results. These are unpaid links to websites with content that is useful to what the user has searches for. The more relevant the web page is to the search term and the better optimised the page and site are, the higher the link will appear in the list.

What Happens When a User Clicks on An Ad?

Bing Ads operate essentially the same as Google Ads, meaning their pay-per-click advertisements appear alongside search results:

  • – Your ads appear online in searches for keywords you have chosen
  • – You specify a maximum budget (total ad spend) and maximum bid (price per click)
  • – You only pay when your ad has been clicked on by a consumer. If your ad is displayed on the results page but is not clicked on, then you don’t pay a penny

When a consumer views your ad and clicks on it, they are directed to your landing page. Where they might complete an action like make a purchase, request your service, complete a sign-up form or download your app. These actions are known as ‘conversions’ where a visitor to your website completes a desired goal.

How Bing Ads Can Grow Your Business

To run successful pay-per-click campaigns on Bing Ads, expertise and time are essential. Different Gravy Digital have all the tools necessary to research, optimise and manage your Bing Ads campaigns to get you the most out of the platform.

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How You Can Target Your Audience on Bing

Bing Ads

The Bing Network enables businesses to reach up to 167 million unique users. There are powerful targeting features available so your Bing Ads can reach an engaged audience and create a connection with converting customers.

Keywords: bid on targeted keywords and adjust them based on peak or low traffic volumes

Location: display your shop address in your search ad and specific a radius for your targeting within a city or UK postcode. So, you can show your ads only to search results who are within a specific distance to you.

Language: set one or all applicable languages – the language/s you choose will ensure your campaign correlates to the language of the end-user’s web browser settings.

Scheduling: set the scheduling of your ads to 15-minute instalments throughout the day. Adjust your campaign settings to display your ads during the days of the week or hours that you’re open for business or wanting to convert consumers.

Device type: advertise to customers on a mobile device, tablet or desktop.

Target by time: launch your ads to go live at certain times of the day and week.

Shopping: target purchase intent with Shopping Campaigns by displaying your product image and price in search results for ecommerce businesses.

The Benefits of Advertising on Bing

  • – Target your ads to display when someone conducts a relevant search in your area
  • – Give users more information about your business with ad extensions
  • – Easily import your Google Ads campaigns
  • – Control your daily budgets with no compulsory spending thresholds
  • – It’s cost effective – pay only when a user clicks on your ad
  • – Set your bids to adjust up or down automatically based on factors like device, location and time

Why Your Business Should Advertise on Bing

1. You Will Face Less Competition

If you consider Google the go-to search engine, then you’re not alone. Google Ads are an excellent way to reach your target audience, but the competition is fierce so you’ll likely be up against a lot of big players. There are fewer advertisers on Bing, there’s plenty of space for you to dominate the platform.

2. Cheaper Cost-Per-Click

Bing Ads

Bing Ads operate similar auction dynamic as the Google Ads auction – and with less competition on Bing comes better ad positions and cheaper costs per click.

According to WordStream, the cost per click on Bing was averaging at 33.5% cheaper than Google. Not only were they cheaper, but the ads typically had better ad positions than their Google counterparts.

3. 3 for the Price of 1

Bing is owned by Microsoft, so when you advertise your business using Bing your ads will appear on Yahoo and AOL too. You get more exposure, increased brand awareness and more conversions for a cheaper price!

4. Bing is Improving as a Platform

With more people using the platform, Bing offers an opportunity for you to get your ads in front of more people’s eyes.

Bing’s user interface is more seamless and intuitive compared to its earlier versions. Significant features found in Google Ads are also noticeable in Bing Ads, like ad extensions. This means that a lot of what you do on Google can be replicated on Bing.

5. It’s the Default Search Engine for Many

Obviously, a great number of people navigate towards Google when they’re looking to find something on the internet, but Bing is still the default search engine for many people. A lot of machines come with windows and as a result Microsoft programmes, including Bing, are the default browser. This means people who haven’t changed their default search engine or want to find something as soon as they open their browser are much more likely to stick with Bing as their search engine.

What About Google?

Business should advertise on both Google and Bing to maximise their traffic, conversions and return on investment.

Many people think you need to choose either Google or Bing to advertise on – but we recommend using both. When you get a campaign that is performing well in Google Ads, getting a high click-through-rate and generating you a return on investment, then there’s no reason why Bing can’t do the same.

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