Benefits of RetargetingBeginner’s Guide to the Benefits of Retargeting

In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of retargeting and how a well-planned strategy can increase conversion rates.

Why do visitors to your website leave? There are so many possible reasons why people don’t enquire or buy a product, fill out a form or complete another desired action.

They might be researching and comparing different products / services, casually browsing, unable to find the information they were looking for or they got distracted.

Whatever the reason website visitors exit your site, the bottom line is they have exited your website without converting.

But thanks to advancements in technology, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Retargeting is the golden ticket to making a second, third or fourth impression to encourage consumers to convert.

We’ve already explored the basics of retargeting, so if you’re unsure what retargeting is or how it works, take a look at our previous blog post, “The Basics of Retargeting”.

The Benefits of Retargeting

1. Increasing ConversionsBenefits of Retargeting

A greater conversion rate is what every business wants.

26% of customers who are exposed to retargeting will return to the website according to study conducted by SeeWhy, whilst only 8% return without retargeting. Website traffic transforms into leads and leads transform into conversions.

Promoting your website to those who have visited your website previously, or have shown interest in your style of product, aids lead nurturing and as a result increases conversion.

2. Making Your Brand Recognisable

Using retargeting makes your brand and products / services hard to ignore. When you market your brand on multiple platforms (like Facebook and display advertising) it makes your brand pretty hard to forget.

Retargeting helps to build brand recall, it’s a great way to keep previous website visitors “warm” whilst also raising awareness of your business. Whilst your brand is becoming more recognisable to consumers, the trust and connection between you (the business) and them (the consumer) starts to build up.

The more consumers notice your brand, the more familiarity and trust they get, which will ideally lead to them clicking on your ad and converting.

3. Beating the Competition

Continuing on from making your brand recognisable, retargeting allows you to be a step ahead of your competitors. Since it puts your brand in the forefront of consumers minds, they’re likely to notice your brand and products / services compared to those of a competitor.

4.Benefits of Retargeting Potential Cross-selling

Chances are you probably sell more than one product / service, or you have a new event coming up. Retargeting opens the door for cross-selling opportunities, so after one conversion for a product, you may retarget the same customer with ads for another product that’s similar to the one they bought or a better version.

Or, if a consumer makes an online booking for your restaurant, for example, you might want to retarget ads promoting booking a special event or a discount code.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty more benefits of retargeting – the list is almost endless – but we’ve identified the top 4 most compelling reasons to invest in retargeting.

It’s your job to convert as many consumers as possible into paying customers. Seek out people who have visited your website or shown interest in your style of products / services and encourage them to your website.

Do you have any more benefits of retargeting to add to our list? Let us know in the comments

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