Why Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

Despite 3 million businesses actively advertising on Facebook, there are still many brands who try Facebook ads and fail to generate positive results and conversions. Now, 92% of marketers report that they are utilising Facebook advertising. With such a high level of competition (and potential), its vital businesses understand how to improve their efforts and identify where they may be going wrong.

If your Facebook ads aren’t working and generating a good conversion rate, don’t give up. There is a way to fix your ads and increase your impressions, click-through rate, engagement and conversions.

If you’re not generating the results you’re looking for, the issue needs to be resolved now. Here are 6 possible reasons why your Facebook ads aren’t working.

1. Your Approach is Wrong

Facebook advertising certainly has its strong points – but unlike Google Ads – intent isn’t always one of them. Not many people will visit Facebook specifically looking for a company’s latest product. Usually, they’ll visit their website directly for that.

Facebook advertising requires a different approach – so it’s important you take the time to understand your consumer funnel and centre your campaign around it. To begin, think about the purpose of your campaign and what you want to achieve. The objective you choose should align with your overall business goals.

A. Awareness

  • Brand awareness: reach consumers more likely to recall your ads and raise brand recognition
  • Reach: display your ad to the maximum number of people in your target audience

B. Consideration

Facebook Ad's Aren't Working
  • Traffic: drive traffic to your website or landing page
  • App Installs: direct people to an app store to download your app
  • Engagement: encourage comments, likes and shares with your post and page
  • Video Views: encourage your audience to watch your video
  • Lead Generation: collect valuable information and contact details
  • Messages: promote conversations with your business to generate leads, answer questions and offer support

C. Conversion

  • Conversions: drive traffic to a website or app and get website visitors to complete an action
  • Catalogue Sales: display products from your catalogue
  • Store Visits: promote your brick-and-motor business to encourage visits from people near by

2. Inaccurate Audience Targeting

Under-targeting or over-targeting is a bad idea. One of the top reasons Facebook ads fail to deliver is because they’re not reaching the right audience. Facebook has 2.38 billion monthly active users – so it’s hard to say your ads aren’t generating results because your market is not on the platform.

Facebook has a wide range of targeting options available for you to reach your marketing, including:

  • – Age
  • – Gender
  • – Location
  • – Interests
  • – Job
  • – Behaviour

Before you begin to create your Facebook ads you should have your target audience defined. The objective of your campaign will also impact how refined your targeting should be.

A brand awareness campaign, for example, will probably have a broad audience but a conversion campaign will likely generate better results with a very specific audience.

3. Your Ad Content is Boring

Facebook Ads Aren't Working

You might want to look at the way your ads look. Usually, you can see your ad creative is poor if your ad is generating a low CTR.  

Google Ads does not allow much room to be creative with your content – but on Facebook there is a lot of flexibility to get imaginative and show case your brand’s identity.

A unique ad style might be refreshing for people who you’re trying to convert, making your ads more eye-catching.

Or, looking for inspiration and transferring style tips from advertisements that you come across could help keep your audience interested and act. Browse Facebook and screenshot the advertisements you see that catch your attention or persuade you to take an action. While the business might not be within your niche, their style tips could be transferable.

4. You Have Too Much Ad Text

If you use a lot of text, it can minimise the chance of your ad delivering and reaching your audience. See Facebook’s examples below:

Facebook Ads Aren't Working

5. Mismatching Your Ad and Landing Page

Where you’re sending your visitors after they click on your advertisement just as important as generating the click. You need to heavily consider your user experience and how the message on the ad correlates to the content and the offer on your landing page.

A typical mistake (and probable reason why your Facebook ads aren’t working) is sending traffic to a homepage. It’s like taking two steps forward and one step back – the visitor displayed interest in your product or service, and you’ve put them back to square one by delivering them to a page that is not directly related to the specific offering.

6. Experimenting

Advertisements can fail to produce a good conversion rate on their first go – which should be considered a learning curve. Test different audiences, ad styles and content to see what brings optimal results.

There is not are one size-fits-all answer to why your Facebook ads aren’t working. The best strategy for your campaign will depend on your industry, audience, website, customer lifecycle and objective.

To help you discover what resonates with your audience – you will need to A/B test your ads and see what works for you and alter your strategy as you go.

Don’t Give Up!

Yes, Facebook advertising is a challenge, especially for those unexperienced in the field. Getting all the right stuff to succeed is hard. But the good news it there are experienced agencies like us who can do the hard work and run your campaigns for you.

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