How Are 360 ° and 3D Virtual Tours Different?

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Different Gravy Digital offer 3D & 360 ° Virtual Tours; both with their own advantages.

It’s important to understand the differences between both styles of Virtual Tours to have the greatest understanding of what will work best for your business.

360 ° Virtual Tours

This style uses images, taken from a high quality digital camera, that are stitched together to create a ‘bigger, wider image’ / Virtual Tour.

What Makes 360 ° Virtual Tours So Good?

Virtual Tours - Artisan, Manchester

Artisan, Manchester

  • – It’s a Google accredited product
  • – Businesses have the option to showcase their tours inside a Google Knowledge Card or on their website
  • – The process of creating a tour involves using single images, which can also be used in isolation; you have the option of sharing an image for 360 ° viewing or as a flat picture
  • – The images are owned by YOU; your business has full ownership

You Can Spread the Word!

360 ° images can be used offline, so you have the freedom to share snippets on Facebook (giving your business value within Google’s eco system). You could attract customers to your website by sharing your 360 ° Virtual Tour on social media platforms.

Be Creative!

We have 3rd party software ready and waiting so you can make your 360 ° Virtual Tour really come to life.

Here’s a few suggestions of how you can make the most out of your Tour;

  • – Incorporating a movie show reel
  • – Adding a menu option which leads viewers to different rooms or sections of the Virtual Tour
  • – Add pin points or tags to provide visitors with extra information

3D Virtual Tours

This style works in a similar way to 360 ° Virtual Tours, but there are some noticeable differences.

Unlike 360 Virtual Tours, the separate images aren’t pieced together after they’re shot. Each snap is stitched together automatically to create one big Virtual Tour.

What Are the Biggest Advantages?

  • – Inbuilt ability to provide tags and descriptions
  • – Dolls house mode; where consumers can see the complete venue like a doll house; a cross sectional diagram
  • – Complete 3D model of the venue, viewers can look at your venue from the ‘outside-in’ to see one big picture
    Virtual Tours - Living Room, Manchester

    Living Room, Manchester

Each room cannot be isolated, since the tour is treated as one, and there are no still images. Since the whole tour is smooth, and viewers can glide from one part to the next, making the customer experience certainly a lot sounder.

Please note, 3D Virtual Tours are stored on the provider’s server. It’s important to know you could be slightly restricted with camera manufacturers and software manufacturers (but this isn’t a big issue).

The Bottom Line

Like anything digital, there’s pros and cons of both styles, with the advantages greatly outweighing the disadvantages. 360 ° Virtual Tours take less time, whilst 3D Virtual Tours can take a few hours.

What Would Be Most Suited For my Business?

Why not have the best of both worlds? Both Virtual Tours go hand in hand, and if you opt for both you’ll be enjoying their benefits harmoniously.

3D Virtual Tours arguably have a much higher resolution and a more seamless virtual tour. However, the process takes longer since photo’s need to be taken close together to capture every detail. Pricing depends on several factors; like the size of the venue and complexity.

If you want to provide an interactive experience to consumers and stand out from your competitors; investing in a Virtual Tour is certainly the way to go.

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