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Social Media is an essential element to an effective Digital Marketing strategy. Google acknowledges that those businesses that are active on social media platforms are engaging more with their audience / customers and as such will reward them within the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Being active for the sake of being active is not enough as with Google’s advanced algorithm they can determine what content is popular by tracking the number of shares, likes, favourites, re-tweets, +1’s etc..

Without a Social Media, presence your business is missing out on communicating with a potentially enormous audience. Different Gravy Digital can help you put together a full Social Media Strategy.

Wherever possible, we always recommend to clients that they are the best people to post & manage their Social Media accounts as they generally understand their business and their customers better than anyone else. Normally the main difficulty most businesses have is understanding the different Social Media platforms, what content to post, when to post it & how often. Different Gravy Digital can provide full training on all of these matters together with access to software that will allow a business to manage all Social platforms from a single account dashboard and schedule posts days, weeks and even months in advance.

The most common Social platforms used and which we can assist with are; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest.

So whether you require our training services, access to our software or our full account management services; Different Gravy Digital can take care of all your Social Media requirements.

The most popular services our clients request:

  • Create / modify all Social Media accounts
  • Link accounts to create multi-posting facility
  • Integrate Social Media feeds into company website
  • Post to Social Media designated amount daily (if required)
  • Feed customer reviews to Social Media
  • Identify business opportunities on Social Media
  • Interact with potential customers via Social Media
  • Report on a monthly basis
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