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With over 2.4 billion people and 7.2 billion devices connected to the internet, Different Gravy Digital believe that all businesses should be taking advantage of the various methods of digital communications that the internet provides.

Email Marketing: Whether you’re a retail store, a not-for-profit arts organisation, a personal trainer, or an accountant, you need a steady stream of business, referrals, or response from the people that keep your doors open. That starts with staying in regular communication with your audience. When you build an ongoing dialogue, you increase the trust and comfort level they have with you. They look forward to hearing from you. You’ll stay at the front of their mind. As a result, they will become loyal customers, they are likely to spend more on your products and services, possibly donating more frequently, and they will be much more likely to refer you to others such as their family, friends or colleagues.


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The easiest, most effective way to build that dialogue is with email marketing. And that’s why it’s so important for small businesses to have and grow an email contact list.

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Email marketing

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