Your Business Needs an Online Presence Online Reviews, with a good average rating, will not only suggest your brand is trustworthy and reliable, but they will also improve your ranking on SERPS, and will influence a lot of consumer’s decision-making progress. And we aren’t exactly short of options. There are more than enough review sites, from Amazon to Trip Advisor. As a marketer or a business owner, it’s important to be aware of who by

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Why Your Business Should Respond to Negative Reviews Before using a service or buying a product from a business, most people will have a scan of their reviews to see how previous customers found their experience. Needless to say, online reviews can determine whether a consumer opts for your company or that of a competitor. Online reviews are out there for the world to see, if a consumer posts a negative comment, potentially millions will

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How to Get Your Customers to Share Their Opinion Annoyingly, most customers don’t leave feedback after using your services or buying a product. I previously touched on the importance of reviews, in my post, “7 Benefits of Online Reviews”. Since they’re so important, it’s crucial you find ways of encouraging your customers to share their experiences, without coming across irritatingly desperate. 8 Quick Tips to Encourage Online Reviews 1. Ask! It might seem obvious, but

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Why Your Business Should Take Online Reviews Seriously We’re in a review-based culture. We often find ourselves trusting our friend’s and family’s opinion of a restaurant over their star rating. No matter how good a restaurant appears to be by it’s website and appearance, if someone shares a negative experience with me it’s very unlikely I’d go. But it isn’t just restaurants and hospitality services where online reviews can be a make or break, practically

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As a business owner, you’re probably well aware that it’s crucial to have a good online presence in today’s world of smarter technology and even smarter consumers. You might have invested in social media and got yourself a good website which is regularly updated with fresh content – but perhaps you’re still not seeing the results translate into cold hard cash. Maybe you’re still not quite at the top of Google for your ideal keyword

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You may think you already know why customer feedback is beneficial (and crucial) to the success of your business. But do you know how to harness it in the best way possible - and what's more, do you understand how to optimise feedback in order to take your business to the next level? Why should I be engaging with customers via feedback? When you implement a Feedback System of any kind, you’re in good company.

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Everybody loves a compliment. Whether it’s a positive comment about the outfit you’re wearing, or perhaps some unexpected praise after cooking a meal, we all love to feel that what we do both as individuals and as organisations is recognised. Criticism, on the other hand, is not so popular. Criticism is seen as intrinsically negative – the sort of thing which is not always offered in good humour and can often be taken as an

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Many customers ask us if reviews on Google, Yelp or Yell really work. And we always answer them YES - online reviews work. They work and make your phone ring more often. I found an interesting article on Aaron Weiche Blog about power of Yelp Directory and how users interact with mobile search results & how pages with Yelp results are attracting the clicks.  Business profile pages, especially the results that appear with Reviews in the SERP thanks

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August was a fantastic month for Different Gravy Digital as we saw a diverse selection of new clients appoint us as their Digital Marketing partner. Online Reviews have proved tremendously popular with customers looking to invest in digital marketing, closely followed by email marketing and social media management. Sectors we are now working in include: Manchester based Personal Training Manchester based Legal Practice Manchester based Accountancy Firm Trafford based Packaging Company Rochdale based Funeral Services

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