A lot of the time when articles mention chatbots they comment how much better the use of a bot is compared to email marketing. Some experts are confident that communicating through a chatbot is a lot better than an email, but together they can boost sales and increase conversions. Businesses don’t have to abandon their email list to increase subscribers for their chatbot. The more ways you can reach your audience the better - chatbots

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Top Email Marketing Mistakes

Take a Look as We Explore the Top Email Marketing Mistakes If handled correctly, email marketing can be a very rewarding method for companies to generate leads, convert consumers into clients and boost the bottom line of their business. The correct approach to any email strategy begins with a thoughtful plan. However, businesses also need to avoid making typical email marketing mistakes that can potentially harm the success of their campaigns. In today’s article, we

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Can Your Business Really Afford to Ignore Email Analytics? Probably not. We can use data to track the success of almost anything, including email marketing campaigns. Data is the guide by which we make decisions and without the use of email analytics, businesses are going into their next campaign completely blind. It simply isn’t enough to just send email campaigns, you need to know if what you’re sending is successful and whether you’re meeting business

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Clean Your Mailing List

When did you last clean your mailing list? If you’re answer is you can’t remember (or maybe never), then you’re likely to be wasting resources and effort on marketing to people who couldn’t care less about your business. Cleaning your email list can significantly increase your deliverability, open rates and click-through-rate, CTR. The higher these metrics are, the more effective your email marketing campaign will be. You’ve worked hard to build up a list of

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Get More Email Subscribers

One of the first challenges with email marketing campaigns is how to get more email subscribers. Whilst it might be a lengthy process to building a database full of valuable recipients, it can be an effective way to grow sales and ROI. In fact, 73% of marketers rate email as the number one digital channel for ROI. No matter how successful your email marketing campaigns are, you will always get unsubscribers along the way. Which

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Email Marketing Frequency

When Is Your Email Marketing Frequency Too High? A common question asked by small businesses getting their marketing started is, “How often should I send marketing emails?”. Like most things in marketing, there isn’t a definitive answer. The best we can do is offer our advice to help you decide your email marketing frequency. One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses when planning email marketing campaigns is deciding how frequency to send content to

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B2B and B2C email marketing

Beginner’s Guide to B2B and B2C Email Marketing B2B and B2C email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience, but only if they do it in the right way. Despite the rising trend of SMS marketing and paid social media advertising, email marketing has remained a strong method for businesses to convert their target audience into customers. Email marketing is far from dead, here you can discover why. In fact,

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A/B Testing for Email Campaigns

Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing for Email Campaigns Email marketing presents a lot of opportunities for businesses to drive conversions and push return on investment. As a valuable marketing tool, it’s important brands know what is proving successful on their email marketing campaigns and what is having little effect on recipients. With this in mind, it’s vital businesses run A/B testing for email campaigns to improve their opening, click-through and conversion rates. You can catch

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A/B Testing

Getting Started with A/B Testing A/B testing can be used to test anything, from websites to social media advertisements and sales emails. Instead of guessing what elements of a campaign are pushing conversions, A/B testing allows businesses to statistically analyse what’s working the best for them. What is A/B Testing? Also known as split testing or bucket testing, it’s the method of comparing two versions of content (like a webpage or email) to determine which

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Beginners Guide to Sales Emails Let’s talk sales emails. ‘Should I even read it?’ ‘Should I just delete it?’ That’s the kind of debate people have before deciding what to do with, yet again, another sales email. And if you think your potential customers could be having the same mini debate in their head before even reading your message, it’s time to act now! To some, including me, sales emails are often a nuisance. Do

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