Infographics for Business

The Importance of Infographics for Business Using infographics for business can work wonders. Unlike other forms of advertisements, infographics aren’t pushy and are extremely shareable across social media and other platforms. Blogs help to better SEO and brand authority, social media marketing helps to increase web traffic and brand awareness, but infographics can catch your consumer’s eye and are typically pretty interesting to look at. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at the key parts

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Getting Started with AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages The Google-backed AMP Project was first introduced in 2015 to improve the performance of the mobile web. The popularity of smartphones and tablets has changed the way consumers view content but with the huge variety of screen sizes of different devices, it has been a struggle to accurately display page content on different screens. The AMP project was brought about to solve this problem. What is AMP? AMP

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Our Guide to GIFS for Business GIFS are worth a lot more than just being funny snippets. They’ve become one of the most popular formats for people to express opinions in the digital world. Besides being entertaining to create and share, using GIFS for business is on the rise. You may think GIFS look stupid and unprofessional, but businesses (even ‘serious’ companies) can use GIFS to reach their target audience. There’s a huge difference between

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Our Guide to Instagram Stories for Business Instagram stories have been a huge success, with an impressive 100 million daily active users within the first two months of launching. Using Instagram stories for business is a no brainer, it’s an effective way to engage with your target audience and it’s straight forward to share content. If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram, check out our previous blog posts; - Introduction to Instagram for Business - The Styles

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Getting Started with Emojis for Business Using emojis for business is a creative way to show your brand’s personality and connect with your audience. Surely, you’ve seen and used emojis in emails, texts and Social Media posts. Some people may think emojis have no place in business, but if they’re used correctly they can enhance a brand’s message. 92% of the world’s online population use emojis … If you want to create a rapport with

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How to Use SMS Marketing SMS marketing is proving to be one of the most successful marketing channels, with 98% of mobile users reading a branded or business-based text communication. What is SMS? SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service, also know as text messaging or texting. SMS can be accessed by anyone who has a mobile phone with an active number. It’s a standardised service, so no matter where in the world or

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A Beginner’s Guide to Hashtag Marketing We see hashtags all the time, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But did you know businesses can implement hashtag marketing in to their strategy to boost their posts, raise brand awareness and encourage engagement? Whilst hashtags are everywhere on Social Media, businesses need to know how to use them strategically. Hashtag marketing is straight forward and easy to do if you know how to use them properly. What is

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