Local SEO

Local SEO

Target Local Consumers | Raise Brand Awareness

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO allows businesses to market themselves online to a local audience.

It’s targeted online marketing, businesses can increase their chances of generating a profit by being found by potential customers in the area.

No matter what industry, every business needs a local listing on search engines. It’s essentially free advertising, that will boost your brand visibility and put your business right in the faces of your customers. In fact, most internet users opt for search engines to find local products.

Google, Bing and Apple


Promote your brand to local consumers on Google – when they’re looking for your type of business. We will get your site ranked highly on Google search results, so you are seen by consumers who are nearby.


Promote your business to local consumers on Bing. Whilst Google do dominate the search market, Bing is the second most popular search engine in the UK and should not be ignored.


Consumers who own an Apple Device can use the search engine Safari to find businesses local to them, just like yours. We will work to get your website the highest ranking on Safari to maximise sales.

What We Can Do For You

Design an Effective Strategy

We will work to design a strategy that works for your business and your website. We will make sure you have a sound understanding of how we can grow your website’s visibility in organic search.

Raise Awareness of Your Website

Your website is your online shop window, and it needs to be ranking highly on search engine result pages for consumers to see. We will work to get your website on page one to maximise visibility.

Put Your Venue on The Map

Citations are a crucial aspect of local SEO.

We will list your business on citation sites to boost your brand awareness and so you can enjoy the benefits of high local rankings.

Link Building

Backlinks to your website will boost your rankings on local search results. We will create high quality backlinks to your website, which are a crucial feature of achieving the best results on search engines.

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