Have You Heard of TikTok?

Is TikTok the next Instagram? Should businesses take notice? If you think TikTok is just a K$esha song or you’re wondering whether the app can be beneficial for business, take a look as we detail the fundamentals you need to know about the platform.

With 500 million active users worldwide, TikTok is a fast growing social media platform that businesses should be paying attention to.

If you haven’t head of TikTok, there’s two statistics you should know:

  1. 1. The app got over 1 billion downloads in its first year
  2. 2. The app is used by more than 500 million monthly active users

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short-form video app available to download on iOS and Android devices. Working like most social apps, TikTok allows users to like and comment on content and hashtags allow users to find different content styles by theme.

The social media app allows users to record, edit and share short, looping 15 – 60 second videos with a broad selection of musical overlays, sound and visual effects. It encourages users to create and share videos and express their creativity and passion through their content.


Similar to Vine, a video-sharing app which was discontinued by Twitter in 2017, some of the most popular content styles include quick demos, lip singing, comedic content and cooking instructions.

What makes TikTok unique compared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is that it is mostly used as a means for entertainment, instead of being a lifestyle platform.

Who Uses TikTok?

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Much like Snapchat and Instagram, TikTok is popular amongst young adults and teens. It’s mostly used by people between the ages of 16 – 24 years old, who make up for 41% of its entire user-base.

With such a large audience, the new social media app is building itself up to be a marketing platform – particularly for those who want to reach young people.

However, due to the growing awareness of TikTok, it’s possible that older people will also begin to use the service.

What Brands Are Using TikTok?

The visual-focused layout of TikTok unlocks plenty of brand awareness opportunities for businesses and enables brands to get creative with their marketing.

Large Brands like Guess are embracing the app to boost visibility and engage new audiences.

Heard of #GuacDance?

The #GuacDance was a challenge created by Chipotle Mexican Grill which encouraged TikTok users to share their best dance moves dedicated to avocados.

Chipotle Mexican Grill created a hashtag campaign (TikTok’s highest performing branded challenged in America so far) and achieved a whopping 250,000 video submissions during the 6 days.


While it can be hard to get a challenge like #GuacDance to gain momentum and go viral, encouraging one can help spread visibility of your band and allows you to engage your audience in a fun way – which is perfect for TikTok.

Can Businesses Use TikTok for Advertising?

At the moment, the app doesn’t hyperlink posts to a website and they have only recently begun testing the waters with advertising. Although its early days for the platform to be used as a means for paid advertising, businesses can still leverage the large base of users to boost brand awareness, rather than generate website traffic or leads.

At the moment, businesses can use the app to enjoy free organic advertising to show off their products, services and promotions. Even just using the app as a user might get you some insightful ideas for marketing that you can transfer onto other social media platforms.

What Your Business Should Do About TikTok

With TikTok’s popularity and lack of competition, it’s wise to keep one eye on the platform – even if you don’t know how you’ll use it yet.

If you think TikTok could amplify your marketing, download the app (available on iOS and Android devices) and begin experimenting.

If TikTok’s taught us only one thing, it’s that testing new platforms and creative thinking can help engage audiences and raise brand awareness.