Messenger Chatbots

Introducing Messenger Chatbots Into Your Business

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What Are Chatbots?

There isn’t any need to over complicate it. Simply, a bot is a computer program that you can automate to perform specific tasks, typically by responding to users on the behalf of your business.

In their most basic form, bots will answer to a list of if-then statements and will send the appropriate response.

Effectively, Messenger Chatbots mimic conversations that would happen with an ‘actual’ person without the need of an ‘actual’ person being on hand to converse with consumers 24/7.


Why Chatbots for Facebook Messenger?

  • Messenger apps have less clutter than email; users will have a seamless experience instead of searching through thousands of unread emails.
  • Facebook has 1.2 billion monthly active users; the way people communicate is through messenger.
  • You can make it personal; messages can be easily customised dependent on the links users click as they converse with your bot

Imagine you wanted to check out the menu before visiting a restaurant. Before chatbots, you could either go to their website, look around until you found something on the menu you liked, then book a table or ring and ask. But if the restaurant had a chatbots on their Facebook messenger, you could simply ask their bot what their menu is, and they will send a direct link back.

Alternatively, instead of searching around a restaurant’s website to find their opening times, you can quickly ask their bot and they will respond.

What Could Your Business Use Messenger Chatbots For?

  • Automated Customer Service

You probably have at least a handful of questions consumers commonly ask you, like; opening times, your menu, your contact details and so on. Your bot would be able to automatically provide users with the answer they’re looking for.

  • To book an appointment
  • Make a hotel reservation
  • Advertising

You could share news about special offers, keep your customers up-to-date with what’s new and keep your business top of mind.

  • To apply for available job positions

Let your bot get the first interview stage out the way! Program your bot to ask whether applicants have any previous experience, their availability and so on.