As a business owner, you’re probably well aware that it’s crucial to have a good online presence in today’s world of smarter technology and even smarter consumers. You might have invested in social media and got yourself a good website which is regularly updated with fresh content – but perhaps you’re still not seeing the results translate into cold hard cash.

Maybe you’re still not quite at the top of Google for your ideal keyword terms – and you just feel that your profile could be better when customers do find you via search engines.

At Different Gravy Digital we’ve created a solution to offer to businesses of all sizes and natures which helps them boost their profile online and in turn can result in increased growth and greater profits with the use of just one simple, cost-effective system.

What is an online Feedback System?

Anyone can copy and paste a few testimonials into a page on their website (or fabricate them entirely) – but consumers are now getting wise to that. This is why honest review sites such as,, Tripadvisor and facilities on websites such as eBay and eBuyer are so popular – as not only do customers check these when considering a prospective purchase, they also engage with them post-purchase. Whilst traditional methods of complaint can sometimes yield less than desirable results in terms of response and resolution efficiency, customers are finding that their reviews have a real-time effect on the company and product in question, which is why they have become an avenue for negative and positive reviews alike.

An online Feedback System works very much like popular travel review site Tripadvisor or Amazon’s review facilities – offering customers a simple, easy to complete form which then can is then submitted publicly to the site in question. Clients can choose the feedback threshold that they wish to post openly on their site, together with responses. Feedback can be good or bad – but this is actually healthy for your business. As you’re given the opportunity to respond immediately to feedback via email notifications, you can resolve issues straight away and can also see all the positive feedback coming in – and what’s more, so can your clients.

How can an online Feedback System boost other online profiles?

When you implement an online Feedback System through Different Gravy Digital, you’re investing in a whole lot more than just a page on your website where customers can post reviews. We make sure reviews are shared across social media platforms and submitted to relevant review sites depending on the nature of your business – so your online profile as a whole is boosted. This means that when people Google your company, they’re likely to see a much better picture of it than they did before.

What about SEO?

Whilst we don’t recommend that a Feedback System is employed for SEO purposes, it can help boost your SEO by default as reviews are submitted to various relevant sites, giving your company exposure over several platforms as opposed to one as part of a multi-faceted approach. There is undeniably an element of SEO but this shouldn’t been seen as a substitute – more an enhancement of any current SEO you may be investing in.

My website could do with an overhaul – what now?

It’s best that your website is optimised to properly engage with any increased traffic you may experience as a result of implementing a Feedback System. What this means is if customers come on your site and are positively influenced by lots of excellent reviews, you may find a poorly updated website with spelling mistakes and pixelated images might be to your detriment and could lessen the positive effects of your Feedback System. Therefore we’d recommend you invest in your website prior to installing a Feedback System. It doesn’t have to be fancy – just clear, simple, well-designed and easy to navigate, complete with good quality content.

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