Negative Keywords

The Importance of Negative Keywords in Google Ads Google Ads can often be a complicated process which involves continuous monitoring of every keyword you’re using to make sure you’re achieving the best ROI. There are countless ways you can optimise your PPC campaigns, one of which many businesses forget to utilise. One of the biggest issue’s businesses find with PPC advertising is wasting their money on irrelevant traffic. Using negative keywords in Google Ads can

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Pause Your PPC Campaigns

When You Should Pause Your PPC Campaigns Whether is due to holidays, time constraints or simply not being able to cope with consumer demand, there are numerous reasons why businesses decide to temporarily pause your PPC campaigns. Perhaps there are issues with the campaign itself – like the landing page isn’t converting or your targeted keywords are not performing. With PPC advertising, it’s important you know when exactly to hit pause on your PPC campaigns

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Click Fraud

Getting Started with Click Fraud One of the biggest reservation’s businesses can have about investing in PPC is the worry of click fraud. While you may think the hesitation is dramatic, it’s actually a valid concern. But, the worry of potential click fraud is no reason to avoid investing in PPC marketing. Are you worried about click fraud? Or perhaps you don’t know what it is? Take a look as we clear things up. What

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Beginner’s Guide to Long-Tail Keywords Main search engine queries are specific and tailored exactly to what the user is looking to find. With this in mind, businesses should consider incorporating long-tail keywords into their PPC campaigns to drive highly targeted traffic to their website. What Are Long-Tail Keywords? A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that features at least three separate words (but some argue two or more is considered to be long-tail). Unlike singular

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PPC Mistakes

Are You Making These Common PPC Mistakes? In this article, we will be detailing the top PPC mistakes so you can avoid damaging your campaigns in the future. When it comes to PPC, every click really counts. The plethora of conflicting advice surrounding PPC advertising can be confusing. With so much contradictory guides out there, it’s so easy to make PPC mistakes which effect the success of your campaign. 1. Having No Plan Operating without

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Keyword Strategy

How to Develop Your Own Keyword Strategy Developing a keyword strategy is crucial to create powerful SEO campaigns. Your keyword strategy should involve targeted keywords that drive the right traffic to your website. Having the right keyword strategy can really make all the difference in your campaigns, they influence how well you rank on SERPs and how useful search engines think your content is. In todays article, we will be detailing our top tips so

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What to Know About PPC Before You Start a Campaign There are many misconceptions about Pay-Per-Click, more commonly know as PPC. It can be disheartening for business owners to invest in PPC marketing when they’re unsure what it is, what it entails and why you must spend money on ads to generate quality traffic to your website. Before you think about launching a PPC campaign, it’s important you understand what PPC is. 1. PPC Is

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Benefits of Retargeting

Beginner’s Guide to the Benefits of Retargeting In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of retargeting and how a well-planned strategy can increase conversion rates. Why do visitors to your website leave? There are so many possible reasons why people don’t enquire or buy a product, fill out a form or complete another desired action. They might be researching and comparing different products / services, casually browsing, unable to find the information

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Beginner’s Guide to Plan a PPC Campaign In today’s article, we will be guiding you through how to plan a PPC campaign. Take a look at our simple step-by-step guide to help you achieve your business objectives. PPC campaigns give immediate exposure to businesses who use it strategically. Whether you’re using search engines, social media or display advertising, a PPC campaign can deliver significant increases in ROI, website traffic, leads and sales. 1. Identifying Your

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The Benefits of PPC

There’s a compelling case to be made about the benefits of PPC advertising. PPC, when managed correctly, can have a huge, positive impact on businesses. Those who don’t implement PPC advertising into their marketing strategy are likely to be missing out on valuable traffic, leads and sales. Particularly for small and start-up businesses, PPC advertising can be a great way to achieve a successful online presence. In fact, PPC ads can boost brand awareness by

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